Call for Papers 2022

Submissions are invited for the latest edition of Hillary Place Papers, the online, peer-reviewed journal of the School of Education at the University of Leeds. We are interested in both research and non-research articles relating to Flexible Research in Mind-Bending Times. We also invite the submission of academic book reviews, conference reports and reviews, interviews with scholars in the field of education, and accounts of experience of research and teaching.

Our aim is to provide postgraduate research students at the University of Leeds and elsewhere with the chance to develop their writing and publication skills, to publish and disseminate their work, and to share their research and insights with the educational research community. We particularly encourage submissions of articles co-authored by multiple research students as well as by students with their supervisors.

Types of submission

We are happy to consider submissions including, but not limited to:

  • Short research papers (4000-7000 words)
  • Think pieces on current issues in educational research and practice (1000-4000 words)
  • Accounts of experience of research or teaching (1000-4000 words)
  • Book reviews (1000-3000 words)
  • Conference reports and reviews (1000-3000 words)
  • Interviews with scholars/academics/teachers (2000-5000 words)

Please note, the given word limits include references. Please complete your abstract following the template:

Abstract Template - Hillary Place Papers

Extended deadline for abstract submissions: 7 February 2022 at 12:00 pm

Anticipated publication of the journal: Spring/Summer 2022

How to submit

Articles may be submitted to Authors interested in confirming the suitability of their writing for Hillary Place Papers are welcome to contact us with titles, themes and ideas for consideration.