Guidance for Authors

  1. Authors must use the template provided
  2. Articles begin with an abstract (approximately 150 words)
  3. Specify clearly a) title of the paper, b) name of all the authors and institutional affiliations
  4. Please include the email address of one author for correspondence at the end of the paper
  5. If you have acknowledgements (including funding), please include them at the end of the paper

General formatting guidelines

  1. Use endnotes (sparingly), not footnotes.
  2. Please place a running head in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Please use page numbers in the upper right-hand corner along with the running head.
  4. Please note that indented quotations should not have quotation marks.
  5. Please define any terms/acronyms that may not be familiar to readers working in diverse fields and contexts.
  6. Your “References” section should begin on a new page.
  7. You should use Harvard referencing for citation and references. Guidance can be found here.